Audio and light installation

FabLab Polytech, Polytechnic University’s garden,

Saint-Petersburg, 2016.

Audio and light installation by Tonoptik art-group is located in Polytechnic University’s garden. Sound component of installation consists of complex and volumetric experimental composition, generated by more than thirty sound sources. They are located at different points in space as if the park was filled by the unknown insects swarm. At night, visitors can see the visual component of the installation: every sound is accompanied by a corresponding light pulse, which visually emphasizes the scope and sense of rhythm.

Tonoptik project is a collaboration of media artists Yuri Tolstoguzov and Alexander Inkov. The group members are engaged in electronic music experiments and their performances are accompanied by generative video which responds to sound. In 2013-2014 they made a number of multimedia music performances at the Museum of Modern Art "Erarta", in the frameworks of the project "The Superposition". They showed their work at the International Festival "Open Look" at the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky theater and at the multimedia festival "Cross-Art". In 2016 the team was nominated for Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award.