The Architecture of Wishes

Artist Martin Steinert, Curator Elizaveta Shagina

The Museum of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts, Saint-Petersburg, 2016

The project consists of an exhibition at The Russian Academy of Fine Arts Museum and a large-scale installation, which the author creates in the Fine Arts Academy's Garden. Installation by German sculptor Martin Steinert implants a hybrid form of abstract concepts and reality into classical parkland. The wooden structure shaped as a cloud symbolizes the emotions and desires architecture, which, similar to the process of construction of wood, requires grinding the elements of the intangible experience.

Contrasting the accuracy of the mathematical calculation of the architectural forms and the ephemeral substance of human hopes and desires the author works on the contrast of the monumental structure and the fragility of the material, liable to destruction in a natural environment.

"Wooden cloud. The architecture of wishes" is an international travelling site-specific project developed by the sculpture Martin Steinert. Like a cloud, it materializes in different European cities. The installation has been built in Saarbrucken (Germany), in Berlin (Germany), in Paris (France). The project in St. Petersburg was organized in the frameworks of " The Access Point" festival. Wooden pieces, of which the author creates his work, allow people to express themselves. Social media platform, which collects wishes, was created especially for the project. Thus, the installation becomes a collective manifesto of human desires and hopes.

Photo credits: André Mailaender