Contemporary video art intervention

“Sever 7” art-group, Romain Pérignon

“Bookvoed” book store, Saint-Petersburg, 2016


The project is the contemporary video artist's intervention into the space of the bookstore, designed to disrupt the everyday vanity of the shopping area.

Advertising and relaxing views of wildlife often coexist. The nature images, which fill unsold advertising spaces, have acquired a property of reality simulation. Two videos presented in "Bookvoed" store, are dedicated to the relationship between man and nature, to the topic of destruction and peaceful coexistence.

The comic video "Warm arms" by the St. Petersburg art-group "Sever 7" parodies a TV shop: it offers useless items, such as wooden weapons which cannot shoot. 

Video "Lumberjacks" by French video artist Roman Perignon shows five fragments of an ordinary day of French woodcutter and it's five elements: forest, cold, fatigue, wood and fire. The artist speaks of harmony with nature and at the same time of its destruction by humans, who enjoys and destroys it. Reflections on the reckless trees felling are very relevant in the store, crowded by bright paper products.