Group exhibition

Espace Voltaire 81 bd Voltaire, Paris, France

Date: 23 July 2021 - 30 July 2021

Organised by Art Inédit Association.

Curated by Elizaveta Shagina

Co-curated by Marina Smorodinova

Coordinated by Corina Plopu


Project's description:

The exhibition Recycling of Forms questions the reuse of forms and concepts : reuse of pictures or moving images, real or imaginary objects, texts, sounds, etc. Recycling as an artistic gesture is the central subject and the media of the artworks presented at the exhibition. This project brings together artists working with different media: some recycle found materials, like old photos, images from the Internet, others still recycle the ideas. The real or ephemeral traces of a previous production are perceptible in these works. These productions are like ancient manuscripts-palimpsests, these manuscripts reused by superimposing new writings on pre-existing text. Even though the initial object remains in its materiality. Thus, a dialogue or a confrontation between the previous form or concepts and the new artwork is born. This exhibition presents the dialogue of different kinds of metaphorical palimpsests. In these works, the first semantic layer is covered by a new one. Through this process, each artist prolongs the life of an image or a shape. It is not about ready-made, but about recycling. According to the concept of sustainable consumption, we can insist on “sustainable culture”. Instead of polluting the artistic landscape with overproduction, our project invites the artists to invest in pre-existing and still “active” forms by proposing a new perspective on them. This is a kind of ecological sobriety of the artistic gesture.


Stefania Becheanu, Kyoo Choix, Apollinaria Ilina, Veronika Georgieva, DinŠ° Kelberman, Olya Kroytor, Javabe (Jan van Bergen), Olga Kisseleva, Maxime Le Moing, Sandrine Metriau, Ashley Molco Castelló, Alexander Parfenkov, Alexander Pogorzhelsky, Stephen Shanabrook, Marina Smorodinova, Alice Suret-Canale, Parul Sondh


Series of performances organized in the framework of the exhibition:

"Fragile" - a sound and experimental performance by Stefania Becheanu

"Inside the white cube" - a performance of the transforming installation by Kyoo Choix

"Crossing Brodsky's rooms" - performance by Marina Smorodinova