Street Art: Outdoor comic novels exhibition.

Artist - Georgy Litichevsky, curator - Elizaveta Shagina

Saint-Petersburg, 2016.


Outdoor comic novels exhibition, pasted on the walls of one street was held in the frames of international festival of arts Access Point in Saint Petersburg. Comics by contemporary artist Georgy Litichevsky are devoted to urban legends and are presented as weekly updated wall newspapers at the street Rubinstein. The absurdist stories invented by Litichevskiy consist of strange mixture where real historical figures meet literary heroes: Lunacharsky uses the energy of Isadora Duncan and Scheherazade for the country electrification, and Catherine the Great studies Count Cagliostro's project of wolf and crocodile crossbreeding.

Passers-by and residents of Rubinstein street (where graphic novels are presented), are not only casual viewers and readers of phantasmagoric stories, invented by the author. They can influence the new comic strip about Anton Rubinstein, created specifically for the festival, by commenting on the exhibition on social networks. In one of the comic strips it's character utters the phrase: "Neva's air contributes to the phantoms materialization". That phrase could be considered as the exhibition motto.

George Litichevsky - Moscow artist, a member of the "Art Journal" editorial board, participated in numerous exhibitions and international biennales in Europe and Russia, including the Tretyakov Gallery, the Russian Museum, the Centre Pompidou. Since the beginning of the 1980s Litichevskiy has used the comics aesthetics, which later became part of the artistic arsenal of Moscow Conceptualism.