Let's save the street art!

Let's save the street art!

Contribute to the creation of a digital street art museum to preserve disappearing murals and make them accessible to everyone!

Why do you want to do this?

The Butte aux Cailles neighborhood, located in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, has over the years become a veritable outdoor street art gallery, a creative field for emerging and established artists.

The works of urban art are subject to destruction. Living in the neighborhood, we observe the regular disappearance of murals. It is a powerful artistic expression, whose cultural and social value is important. The subject of their conservation is very challenging, but we need to contribute to save their images for the history of culture!

You can support us in creating an online museum and a free application with street art images and information about the works and artists. This will bring street art to a bigger audience.

Project steps:

Creation of a database of professional images of street art works, artists' texts and art critics.

Creation of a platform (website) to archive and display the artworks, with information about pieces, the authors and location.

Creation of an application that allows the user to identify the work from the camera of his smartphone. The user will be able to use the app as a digital guide to get information about the work and the artist in real time.

Integration of an artificial intelligence component capable of automating the cataloguing and addition of new murals to the collection.

Art is important and influential. For several decades, street art has been increasing in popularity. It is ephemeral in its complex status and medium. It is a proposal of the artist to the open discussion in a public environment. Sometimes it is a discrete voice, sometimes it is a cry of awareness of the current state of the world.

It seems important to us to value this heritage of artistic expression.

Thanks to this project we can accompany the inhabitants and visitors of the Butte aux Cailles neighborhood to understand the hundreds of works of urban art that so often catch their eye. The artists also need our support to prolong the life of their works and make their voices heard.

Website + Mobile Application + Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The core of our project is to create a digital archive with a website to display the urban artworks and a mobile application to allow everyone to recognize the murals in real time.

BUT we would like to go further!

To make our project fully alive and useful, we would like to augment it with an artificial intelligence capable of notifying the appearance of new artworks and automating their classification. AI will help us minimize the risk of losing valuable but fragile works: once detected, new murals will be immediately indexed and added to the collection.

Access to the digital archive and the download of the application will be completely free.

To become a supporter of the association, please contact us:

tel: +33(0)637221066