Public art exhibition

The Anna Akhmatova Museum's garden, Saint-Petersburg, 2016


Open-air exhibition in frames of the Access Point festival of art consists of art objects, installations and performances by contemporary St. Petersburg artists who create their works in the public eye in a city park.

In Friedrich Nietzsche's work "On the Genealogy of Morality" philosophical efforts are compared with the cultivation of the mysterious garden. "The Mysterious Garden" is an unexpected encounter with our own emotions, thoughts and inner silence. "Our treasure is there, where the hives of our knowledge stand" (Nietzsche).

The project involves not only the philosophical concept interpretation by contemporary artists, not just an attempt of materialization of fruits of their own thoughts in the form of public art, but also a new urban space mythologizing, namely the Anna Akhmatova Museum's garden, a new poetic reading of this historical place. Designed specifically for the project, installations become the visual poetry, expressed in a tangible form.

To infiltrate into the garden, hidden from the busy streets, to find the hidden access it is an experience that is comparable to the discovery of the unknown.

Artists : Nadezhda Anfalova, Petr Bely, Semen Motolyanets, Denis Patrakeev, Alexander Podobed, “Sever 7” art-group.

Curator: Elizaveta Shagina