Creation of the archive and the application

Beta-version May 2021

Development of the final version is still in progress 

Author of the project Alexander Parfenkov

Coordinators Corina Plopu and Elizaveta Shagina


Project Description:
Urban Art is ephemeral and unstable by its complex status, as well as by its medium. Confronted with the urban environment which does not imply its conservation, however the work of street art concerns only this environment. It does not really belong neither to the artists nor to the streets, but is linked to a transitory space where a dialogue with the public takes place. 
For several decades, street art has been increasing its popularity. In all its forms, from stencils, bombing, posters, installations and mosaics, urban art is a proposal of the artist to open dialogue and reflection. Sometimes it is a discreet voice, sometimes it is a cry that raises awareness of problems. Street art is a powerful artistic expression, with important cultural and social value. The subject of their conservation is very problematic, but we must contribute to save their images for the history of culture! 
Thanks to digital technology we want to diffuse and safeguard this urban art heritage. 
The objective of this project is to make discover the creations in the public spaces which animate the district of Butte aux Cailles, located in the 13th district of Paris. The streets of this neighborhood have become real open-air street art galleries. The neighborhood attracts artists of all generations and becomes a field for their ever-changing creations. 
The project intends to become a digital archive, an online museum and an app free of charges, collecting street art images and information about the works and artists. It will make it possible to discover the ephemeral artworks to a largest public. The project will enhance the cultural, aesthetic and social impact of urban art artists.
During the project, our collective created and developed the digital archive of urban artworks in the relevant neighborhood and created a beta version of the application. This application allows the user to identify the work from a smartphone camera. The user will be able to use the app as a digital guide to get information about the work and the artist in real time. 
Project currently seeking funding for the publication of the full version.